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Compact Filters

Absolute™ 1D

Absolute filters are manufactured from the highest quality components, under demanding quality control conditions. They are also certified to ensure performance in the most critical of applications.

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  • High quality glass fibre media
  • High mechanical strength
  • Rigid design
  • High efficiency
  • High dust holding capacity
Application: HEPA Filter for standard applications
Type: HEPA-Filter
Frame: Plywood (twelvefold glued)
Gasket: Polyurethane, endless foamed
Media: Glass fibre
Separators: Aluminium
Sealant: Polyurethane (2-K-sealant)
Efficiency acc. EN 1822: H13
MPPS efficiency: ≥99,95% at MPPS
Recommended final pressure drop: 500 Pa
Temperature / Humidity: 110°C / 100% RH
Mounting: Housings FKB, FKB/D, CamBox or CamSafe
Remarks: All filter tested acc. EN 1822:2009. Other editions on request

Absolute Filter 1D/1E, available in filter class H13 in accordance with EN 1822, is typically used in the final filtration stage in food processing and pharmaceutical, medical equipment and electronic products manufacturing.

The standard Absolute 1D/1E filter features:

  • High performance glass-fibre material
  • High mechanical strength due to compact construction
  • Efficiencies on high values H13/H14 according to EN 1822
  • Frame material: 1D: plywood (12 layers); 1E: galvanized steel
  • Endless, foamed polyurethane gasket
  • Withstands temperature up to 110°C, humidity 100% R.H.

The filter is individually tested according to DIN EN 1822 and a protocol is delivered with each filter


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