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Panel filters

Silent Hood filter MD14-HL

Silent Hood filter H14 is a compact and quiet ready to install HEPA/ULPA filter diffuser final filtration solution for clean rooms. Every filter is individually scanned in accordance with EN 1822.

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  • H14 compact filter-diffuser for clean room
  • Ready to install
  • Quiet: LW = 35 dB
  • Laminarity +/- 20%
Application: Final filtration for clean rooms.
Type: Ready to install HEPA/ULPA filter diffuser.
Frame: Extruded and anodised aluminium, galvanised steel cover.
Gasket: Half round continuous expanded polyurethane.
Media: Glass fiber paper.
Separator: Hot melt beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Connection: Spigot with outer dia. 315mm or 250mm depending on the model.
Grid: Expanded metal on downstream side, powder coated with RAL 9010.
Fiilter class acc. EN1822:2009: H14.
MPPS efficiency: ≥99.995%.
Recommended final pressure drop: 2x initial pressure drop
Maximum pressure drop: 500 Pa.
Maximum flow rate: use nominal values otherwise a reduction in efficiency may occur. (See table)
Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service.
Test: 100% individually scanned in accordance with EN 1822.
Mounting system: Mechanical clamping structures.

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